Park restoration and update continues in Phase 2

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UPDATE: 10/20/2017: Following an overwhelmingly positive Town Meeting vote to allocate Community Preservation Act funds to finish the park, the Town issued a Request for Proposals for the second phase work. Green Acres Landscape and Construction Co. from Lakeville won the contract and has started working.   UPDATE: 12/1/2016: The General Contractor for the park restoration and upgrade has begun to work. Marini Construction was awarded the contract following an open bid process. Marini’s work follows the site preparation completed by Town staff — clearing the Phase 1 site, amending the soil, removing the old electrical components and installing an upgraded system, upgrading the storm water control devices, and contouring the land and building the base for the new pathways. Due to the weather, work is on hold until the spring. In the meantime, the Main Street Steering Committee is in search of more funds to complete Phase 1 and to add Phase 2. UPDATE (Apr. 2016) The Community Preservation Committee has endorsed the MSSC’s request for $425,000 to continue the park restoration and upgrade project. The request will appear as Article 14 on the May 2 Town Meeting Warrant. UPDATE (Jan. 2016) The landscape architectural firm Brown, Richardson + Rowe along with Stantec have been contracted to prepare a Schematic Design for the park upgrade. A site survey is being conducted by Bracken Engineering. The Main Street Steering Committee has submitted an application for a second grant of Community Preservation Act funds. UPDATE (Sept. 2015): A Request for Qualifications has been released inviting landscape architects to indicate an interest in working with the Town and the Main Street Steering Committee on the town park restoration and upgrade. Responses were due in mid-October and a contract should be complete by December. At Bourne Town Meeting on Monday, May 4, 2015, voters approved an allocation of $350,000 of Community Preservation Act funds to support the Main Street Steering Committee’s (MSSC) request for initial-phase funds to upgrade and restore the park located at 90 Main Street in Buzzards Bay, Bourne’s Downtown. The approved funds will be used for phase one of a multi-phase project to upgrade and restore the town park located on Main Street in Buzzards Bay. Phase one will include engineering, survey and design, irrigation, electrical upgrades, lighting, landscaping and creating a park entrance with amenities. Subsequent phases would include installing a pavilion that could support out-door movies, a splash pad that could convert to an ice skating rink, play equipment, and additional entrances. The approved funds will have a double impact: 1) by supporting the Phase one activities, residents and visitors will see improvements as early as spring 2016, and 2) the survey and engineering design would strengthen...

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Sewer Commissioners endorse two-phase plan

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At its meeting on March 31, the Bourne Board of Sewer Commissioners endorsed in concept a plan for expanding wastewater treatment capacity in Bourne’s Downtown using a two-phase approach: Install a packaged plant with 100,000 gallons per day (gpd) capacity, linked to the previously identified area for subsurface disposal of treated wastewater. With permitting, engineering, manufacturing and installation, the facility could be available in two years. The plan would include dividing the existing sewer system so that flow from the western end of Main Street would continue to go to Wareham, freeing up capacity for redevelopment in that part of town, while flow from the eastern end, including from a significant development project at 23 Perry Avenue, would go to the packaged plant, leading to immediate efficiency of the new facility. Work with neighboring towns to create a regional agreement for treating wastewater and disposing¬† the treated effluent in the Cape Cod Canal. This plan has become possible only recently with the change in the state’s Ocean Sanctuaries Act to allow ocean outfall of treated wastewater. This phase could take up to ten years to implement. With a Canal outfall, Wareham’s plant could be expanded to treat five million gpd or more. Two million would more than meet Bourne’s needs in the long-term. Wastewater Plan for Bourne’s Downtown March...

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