Hotel breaks ground

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Downtown Hotel Celebrates Groundbreaking On Wednesday, June 27, Hampton Inn owners and Town leaders gathered to mark the construction of a 100-room hotel in Downtown Bourne, the Village of Buzzards Bay. Planning for the hotel began more than four years ago — see below for the critical steps in bringing the hotel to Town. Hampton Inn To Celebrate Groundbreaking For New B. Bay Hotel By MICHAEL J. RAUSCH June 1, 2018 from the Bourne Enterprise Ground has been broken on construction of the new Hampton Inn on Perry Avenue in Buzzards Bay, and the new hotel’s owners have announced that a formal groundbreaking ceremony will be held later this month. The 100-room hotel will be owned and operated by Darling Hotels LLC. Company president David Darling said that construction of the hotel will be done by Hutter Construction out of New Hampshire. The structure is expected to be completed in June 2019, Mr. Darling said. “Breaking ground at this site solidifies our partnership with hospitality leader Hampton by Hilton and the Buzzards Bay community,” Mr. Darling said. The hotel is the first piece of a multi-use project covering 11.6 acres off Perry Avenue that has been touted as also including condominiums, retail space and a restaurant. The Hampton Inn will fit on one of four lots the acreage has been divided into. The project required variances from the Bourne Planning Board before construction could commence. The town’s zoning regulations for the Growth Incentive Zone require hotels in the downtown business district to have 1,500 square feet of land per room. For a hotel with 100 rooms that comes to 150,000 square feet. The Hampton Inn, however, covers just 117,000 square feet, or 2.7 acres, so the developers requested relief from the town’s dimensional requirements. The planning board also issued a variance for the height of the hotel. The town’s zoning regulations allow for a maximum of four stories, but five stories can be granted with a special permit. Board members approved the additional height. No date has been set for the formal groundbreaking ceremony. New Buzzards Bay Hotel Gets Waiver From Dimension Regulations By MICHAEL J. RAUSCH, BOURNE ENTERPRISE  Plans to bring a new Hampton Inn to Buzzards Bay have taken another step forward. The Bourne Planning Board approved a site plan review/special permit for the new hotel during its meeting Thursday evening, March 23. The hotel is the first piece of a multi-use project covering 11.6 acres that has been touted as also including condominiums, retail space and a restaurant. Developers are planning a 100-room hotel that would be five stories tall. The town’s zoning regulations allow for four stories but five stories can be granted with a...

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Town Awarded $1.5 Million Grant for Wastewater Treatment Capacity Expansion and FAQs on the Project

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On October 19, 2017 at a ceremony at the Bourne Community Center the state’s Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito announced that the Town had been awarded a $1.5 million MassWorks grant toward the completion of the proposed wastewater treatment plant. The grant reduces the amount that voters at the October 30 Town Meeting will be asked to fund. Answers to voters questions and other facts about the project can be read by clicking the link here. 2017 10 FAQ Sheet   At the May Town Meeting, Bourne residents voted to appropriate funds to support continuing design and permitting for a new wastewater treatment plant that will expand management capacity for Bourne’s Downtown. The vote of 264 to 14, clearly more than the required 2/3, signaled the commitment to continuing the steps necessary to support downtown revitalization. The plant is expected to be operational in 2018 and will expand the Town’s wastewater treatment capacity by 100,000 gallons per day. The project is located on Town-owned land next to the Armory on the By-pass...

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Park Restoration and Upgrade Complete

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June 2018: The restoration and upgrade of the Buzzards Bay Park on Main Street was completed in late May and a re-dedication ceremony on June 1 marked its official opening. May 2018: After a break for winter weather, the restoration and upgrade of the Buzzards Bay Park is continuing. Play area surfacing and a splash pad are being installed, along with adult fitness stations. A large pavilion for events and gatherings has been completed, including lights for evening activities. A smaller shade pavilion is positioned so that parents can supervise their children in the fenced play areas. A re-dedication of the park is being planned for Memorial Day Weekend. By then sod will have been installed and more trees, grasses and bushes will have been planted. December 2017: As winter approaches and threatens to halt work on the Buzzards Bay Park, the Green Acres crew continue installing equipment and preparing for the final steps in the park’s upgrade and restoration. As the photo above shows, several items of play equipment are installed. The plan is to finish the installation of the irrigation system in the Phase Two area, complete the preparation of the new walkways for the final asphalt layer next spring, and finish the grading in preparation for seeding in the spring. The materials for both the large and small pavilions have arrived and several dozen trees have been planted. More trees and other landscaping material will be installed in the spring. The rubber pads for the play area and the splash pad must wait until temperatures are reliably above 50 degrees, so that also means spring. October 2017: The contract for the next phase in the park restoration and upgrade was awarded to Green Acres Landscape and Construction Co. from Lakeville in ;ate August. They have begun working by preparing the concrete bases for the pavilion and the new shade structure near the children’s’ play area. The expect to plant large trees part way around the central lawn by the end of October. Play equipment and splash pad features are expected to arrive in the November-December time period. The rubberized surface for the play areas will be installed in the spring — it is a temperature sensitive process. Also in the spring they will complete the final grass seeding and plantings. May 2, 2017: In an overwhelmingly positive show of support for completing the Buzzards Bay Park, Bourne residents voted 171 to 9 to appropriate the $1,015,000 needed to add the features and amenities that Town residents asked for in a survey when the park restoration project began. The appropriation was supported by the Town’s Community Preservation Committee, the Open Space Committee, the Finance Committee, and the...

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Town Votes to Join MBTA, Extending Commuter Rail to Bourne’s Downtown

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In May 2015, Bourne residents voted with a significant margin to join the MBTA. The vote came after more than a year of study by Town leaders (see below) and followed one of the MBTA’s worst performance seasons. In April 2016, MBTA leaders conducted a public forum in Bourne to introduce the concept of a “Pilot Feeder Service,” a way to test the potential ridership of a train from Buzzards Bay to the Lakevile/Middleborough station. See Post: Commuter Rail Forum.    The success of a summer-time, weekend passenger train had triggered intense interest in extending commuter rail an additional 18 miles from the Middleborough/Lakeville stop to Buzzards Bay. The idea quickly earned support from state transportation leaders and Bourne residents. A public hearing in January 2014 demonstrated energetic support. In the spring of 2014 the  Chair of the Town’s Board of Selectmen encouraged the Board to make the commuter train extension one of its goals. Then the Town’s Transportation Advisory Committee took up the question: would commuter rail be a benefit to Bourne’s Downtown? In May 2015 Town voters answered: “yes.” The Committee defined a series of questions that members thought voters were likely to ask. The Town’s Board of Selectmen requested that the Cape Cod Commission planning staff work with the Committee to provide technical assistance in identifying the answers. The first item under discussion was a definition of the process to join the MBTA. It was soon defined as requiring two steps: 1) a Town Meeting vote was required to authorize adding a question to the next Town election ballot as to whether the Town should join the MBTA. That vote easily passed the February 2015 Town Meeting. 2) the May Town election ballot included the question about joining the MBTA. It also easily passed with voters approval. Once the process was defined, the Committee continued researching such questions as: how much will the Town be assessed, and where will commuters’ cars park? In March 2015 the Committee accepted a report from Commission staff that responded to the questions. After additional deliberation, the Committee recommended to the Board of Selectmen that they support a vote to join the MBTA. The Committee’s conclusion was: Our research has convinced us that bringing commuter rail service to Buzzards Bay will provide the catalyst needed to trigger redevelopment of underutilized properties along Main Street and create a vibrant downtown for Bourne. There are enormous benefits to be gained by the entire town from this action with very little financial liability and few potential problems. The Transportation Advisory Committee supports a positive vote to join the MBTA in order to send a strong signal to our elected official and potential developers and...

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Growth Incentive Zone creates a business friendly environment

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 In the space of six weeks, the Town of Bourne saw three major revitalization initiatives come to fruition: the Cape Cod Commission’s designation of the business district of Buzzards Bay Village, Bourne’s Downtown, as a Growth Incentive Zone, thus easing the permitting process; Town Meeting’s nearly unanimous affirmation of four articles establishing architectural and sign guidelines and standards; and the start of the final phase of Main Street streetscape improvements. Each of these initiatives is part of a revitalization plan designed to make Bourne’s Downtown a more desirable place for investment and development. In addition to the recent activities, Downtown District Zoning By-laws passed in 2008 allow for greater height and greater density, and create opportunities for better return on investments. They also encourage mixed use, buildings with retail and businesses on lower floors and residential units on upper floors where they command views of the Cape Cod Canal.  Cape Cod Commissioners voted unanimously to accept the Town’s application to designate Downtown Bourne, as a Growth Incentive Zone. In a GIZ, a specified amount of development can proceed without Cape Cod Commission review, effectively removing one level of permitting for potential investors and developers. The Commissioners forwarded the document to the County Assembly of Delegates for a June vote, thus codifying the special designation that fosters mixed-use growth and redevelopment in economic centers. Specified projects in the GIZ will need only the Town’s maximum 120-day permitting process, saving developers time and expense. Town Meeting voters approved By-laws that establish architectural and sign guidelines and standards, and create a Design Review Committee. The guidelines and standards apply to projects in the Downtown Zoning District, the same area as the GIZ. All new downtown architectural projects will be reviewed by the Design Review Committee and its recommendation will be forwarded to the appropriate governing board. New or replacement signs in the Downtown District will be reviewed by the Committee and a recommendation sent to the Building Inspector. These new guidelines and standards will make it easier for potential developers to know what the Town’s vision is, thus saving time and expense by reducing the need to adjust architectural plans mid-stream. The third phase of Main Street streetscape included new sidewalks, landscaping, and other amenities beginning at Belmont Circle and extending to the end of the second phase of streetscape work completed in 2003. The project is funded by a supplemental appropriation in the state budget promoted by State Senate President Therese Murray. Through a competitive bid process, I. W, Harding Construction Company Inc. was selected for the project. These revitalization projects began in 2007 when a state grant, also championed by Sen. President Murray and other members of the Town’s legislative...

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