Hotel developers win wastewater OK

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In September 2014, the developer of a hotel and conference center on the Cape Cod Canal requested a sewer allocation for his project. Below is the article from the Cape Cod Times reporting on the request and the resulting allocation. On October 13, 2015, the developer was granted a six month extension and stated that he expects to begin the Town permitting process in November. By C. RYAN BARBER October 01, 2014 BUZZARDS BAY — The developers behind a proposed hotel and conference center in Buzzards Bay took their longest stride to date Tuesday toward their goal of breaking ground on the project next year, winning an allocation of 27,108 gallons of wastewater output per day for the planned complex. Bourne’s five sewer commissioners, who double as the town’s selectmen, voted unanimously to allocate those gallons to the Perry Ave. Corp. developers for the next year. At the one-year mark, the commissioners will review the developers’ progress before deciding to continue reserving the 27,108 gallons for the hotel and conference center. Now that they have the allocation in hand, Chris Bailey, a senior broker with Commercial Realty Advisors who is consulting on the project, said the developers have the confidence to refine the plans in preparation for planning board review. Bailey said Tuesday that the plans currently call for a four-story hotel with between 120 and 126 rooms. Construction is expected to cost between $20 million and $30 million, and developers hope to complete the work by spring 2016. “If they had gone in a different direction tonight, we would have been concerned. We’re thrilled with what they’ve done,” Bailey said, adding that the sewer commissioners’ rhetoric throughout the meeting showed a willingness to work with the developers. With wastewater output capped at 200,000 gallons per day under an agreement with Wareham, Bourne sewer commissioners had raised concerns over the summer that an allotment for the development would bring the town too close to its daily limit. But in July, the sewer commissioners directed Town Administrator Thomas Guerino to investigate the possibility of reducing Hideaway Village’s daily allotment of 60,000 gallons to 25,000 — an amount closer to the Head of the Bay Road condominium property’s average output per day during the past decade. Early last month, the state Department of Environmental Protection informed Guerino that the sewer commissioners have the flexibility to allocate daily wastewater flows as they see fit, opening 35,000 gallons for the town to reallocate. Guerino met Thursday night with representatives of Hideaway Village, a cluster of condominiums off Head of the Bay Road, and described the discussion as “positive.” Peter Meier, a sewer commissioner and chairman of the Board of Selectmen, echoed Guerino’s...

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Developer gets good news

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By C. RYAN BARBER September 29, 2014 BUZZARDS BAY — Bourne might have an easier time making room for a proposed development’s wastewater than officials first thought. On Thursday night, Town Administrator Thomas Guerino met with representatives of the Hideaway Village condominiums to discuss reducing the property’s daily wastewater allotment from 60,000 gallons to 25,000 gallons per day, freeing up 35,000 gallons of daily flow for the town to grant to developers eyeing the village of Buzzards Bay. The meeting came three weeks after Guerino received a letter from the state Department of Environmental Protection in which Brian Dudley, an environmental engineer, wrote that Bourne has the flexibility to allocate daily wastewater flows as it sees fit, as long as the town averages a daily output of no more than 200,000 gallons annually. The 200,000 cap is part of an agreement between Bourne and Wareham, which treats and disposes of wastewater from the village of Buzzards Bay. Describing his meeting with Hideaway Village as “extremely positive and productive,” Guerino said the sewer commissioners can now reserve an allocation of about 20,000 gallons per day for a planned hotel and conference center along Cape Cod Canal without worry of exceeding the 200,000-gallon cap. “If the Board of Sewer Commissioners moves forward with reserving capacity, there would be sufficient capacity to have that done,” Guerino said Friday. “It would not be a conflict if they chose to do that.” In the meeting, the Hideaway Village representatives raised concerns with the lowered wastewater allocation hindering future construction on the property off Head of the Bay Road, Guerino said. But as Guerino wrote in a letter to the DEP, the average flow from Hideaway Village peaked at nearly 12,500 gallons per day between 2003 and last year, meaning the property was using less than a fourth of its 60,000-gallon-per-day allocation. Only twice in that decade did the flow exceed 20,000 gallons per day. “That’s not going to be an issue. They’re going to be fine,” Guerino said about any plans to rebuild condominiums or develop vacant lots at Hideaway Village. “With what they’re using, there is plenty of room.” Repeated attempts to contact Hideaway Village representatives were unsuccessful. Sewer commissioners might vote as early as Tuesday to reserve a wastewater allotment for the Perry Ave. Corp. developers hoping to break ground in the spring on a hotel and conference center across from Town Hall. For the first phase of construction, the developers had initially planned a seven-story complex with first-floor retail space, 144 residential units and a rooftop restaurant overlooking the Cape Cod Canal. But to accommodate the town’s limited capacity to treat and dispose of wastewater, the developers offered to build...

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Developer sees vote as positive step

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By C. Ryan Barber July 10, 2014 BUZZARDS BAY — In an overture to wary Bourne sewer commissioners, the team behind a proposed Buzzards Bay development has offered to build a “brand name” hotel before tackling a $55 million, seven-story mixed-use complex. Perry Ave. Corp. developers have offered to flip-flop the project’s first two phases in hopes of accommodating the sewer commissioners who have raised concerns about the town’s limited capacity to treat and dispose of wastewater. Although he was unsure of what wastewater allocation the hotel and conference center would need, Chris Bailey, a senior broker with Commercial Realty Advisors who is consulting on the project, said it would generate less wastewater than the mixed-use complex. “It seems like that’s probably the best place to be since the numbers are so incredibly tight, and a hotel of a size that is appropriate for Buzzards Bay would not be a huge allocation,” Bailey told the sewer commission, a five-member panel that is technically separate from the Board of Selectmen but includes the same members. In an interview Wednesday, Bailey declined to identify the brand name hotel chain that he said is interested in building as early as next year. The developers need the assurance of a wastewater allocation, he said, before they can take on the hefty expense of drawing up detailed construction plans, along with legal fees. Last month, the developers asked the Sewer Commission to allocate 30,000 gallons of wastewater capacity for what was then the first phase: a C-shaped building with first-floor retail space, 144 residential units and a rooftop restaurant overlooking the Cape Cod Canal. The developers have since learned that the mixed-use complex would require a higher allotment of 46,000 gallons per day. Once construction begins, the developers said they would want to forge a “public-private partnership” to build a wastewater treatment plant in Buzzards Bay that would pave the way for the project’s final two phases and for future development downtown. But some sewer commissioners said that the requested allocation would bump up against the limit of the town’s contract with Wareham, which accepts up to 200,000 gallons of wastewater per day from Bourne. “I think we’re just too close to our capacity,” sewer commission Chairwoman Linda Zuern said Tuesday, reiterating her worry that the hotel allocation might stifle the growth of businesses down Main Street. The precise number of gallons remaining for Bourne to allocate has been a point of confusion throughout the process. A month ago, town Administrator Thomas Guerino estimated that the town would have between 12,000 and 15,000 gallons left per day if it were to approve the developers’ request for 30,000 gallons per day. On Tuesday, however,...

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John Harding Why Not! Award

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Thomas S. Cahir, Administrator of the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority, was honored at the Annual Meeting of the Bourne Financial Development Corporation (BFDC). Tom was presented with the John Harding Why Not! Award at the meeting at the MA Maritime Academy.  The BFDC Board of Directors selected Tom for the award in recognition of Tom’s work to establish the CapeFLYER, a weekend summer train that brought visitors to the Cape. The project exceeded all ridership expectations with two stops: Buzzards Bay and Hyannis.   The award, named for the BFDC’s first President, is presented annually to a person who embodies John’s approach to projects: “Why Not!” The selection process includes identifying people who, if presented with roadblocks or difficulties, look for alternatives that still met project guidelines and regulations. And, equally importantly, people who give credit where it is due.  While Tom acknowledged his part in developing the CapeFLYER service, he also requested that the credit be shared: “it is important to note that my incredible staff contributed greatly to the overwhelming success of the CapeFLYER.”  Congressman William Keating presented Tom with a Certificate of Congressional Recognition and State Representative David Vieira delivered an official citation from the MA House of Representatives signed by himself and Speaker Robert A. DeLeo.   Past recipients: 2009: Christopher J. Farrell, Bourne Planning Board and Town Planner Coreen V. Moore 2010: Daniel L. Doucette, retired member of the Bourne Fire Department, active citizen 2011: Scott Zeien, Kingman Yacht Center 2012: Mary Ellen McCarthy, Trowbridge Tavern 2013: Thomas S. Cahir, Administrator Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority, former Bourne State...

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