May 2018: New event pavilion at night.

May 2018: After a break for winter weather, the restoration and upgrade of the Buzzards Bay Park is continuing. Play area surfacing and a splash pad are being installed, along with adult fitness stations. A large pavilion for events and gatherings has been completed, including lights for evening activities. A smaller shade pavilion is positioned so that parents can supervise their children in the fenced play areas.

Two of the splash pad’s water features being tested.

A re-dedication of the park is being planned for Memorial Day Weekend. By then sod will have been installed and more trees, grasses and bushes will have been planted.

December 2017: As winter approaches and threatens to halt work on the Buzzards Bay Park, the Green Acres crew continue installing equipment and preparing for the final steps in the park’s upgrade and restoration. As the photo above shows, several items of play equipment are installed. The plan is to finish the installation of the irrigation system in the Phase Two area, complete the preparation of the new walkways for the final asphalt layer next spring, and finish the grading in preparation for seeding in the spring. The materials for both the large and small pavilions have arrived and several dozen trees have been planted. More trees and other landscaping material will be installed in the spring. The rubber pads for the play area and the splash pad must wait until temperatures are reliably above 50 degrees, so that also means spring.

December 2017: Installation of play equipment continues despite the start of winter weather.

October 2017: The contract for the next phase in the park restoration and upgrade was awarded to Green Acres Landscape and Construction Co. from Lakeville in ;ate August. They have begun working by preparing the concrete bases for the pavilion and the new shade structure near the children’s’ play area. The expect to plant large trees part way around the central lawn by the end of October. Play equipment and splash pad features are expected to arrive in the November-December time period. The rubberized surface for the play areas will be installed in the spring — it is a temperature sensitive process. Also in the spring they will complete the final grass seeding and plantings.

Fall 2017: Completed entrance to renovated park with Wagner Gazebo in background

May 2, 2017: In an overwhelmingly positive show of support for completing the Buzzards Bay Park, Bourne residents voted 171 to 9 to appropriate the $1,015,000 needed to add the features and amenities that Town residents asked for in a survey when the park restoration project began. The appropriation was supported by the Town’s Community Preservation Committee, the Open Space Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Board of Selectman.

The project is using Community Preservation Act funds to support the restoration and upgrade of the town park on Main Street, Buzzards Bay, Bourne’s Downtown. The park was established in the 1970s when Town Meeting voted to acquire the land from the railroad.

The Board of Selectmen asked the Main Street Steering Committee to recommend changes to the park. The Committee immediately offered a survey to residents asking what they would like to see in a restored park. The features identified included those that will be built with the new appropriation: play areas, a splash pad, fitness activities, new lighting, a security system, and a fence to protect children in the play areas.

A vote at the Special Town Meeting the night before appropriated $300,000 to complete the work started last year — adding plantings, irrigation, and a pavilion to the area referred to as Implementation Area One. This first phase includes new entrances from both Main Street and from the Army Corps of Engineers’ parking lot on the Cape Cod Canal (shown in the pictures). The current restoration area is also getting all new infrastructure (electrical, water, drainage), grading, new walkways, lights, and amenities such as benches, bike racks, and water fountains.