The BFDC is developing plans to create a green technology campus for green technology companies.

The technology park, operating as the Bourne Development Campus LLC (BDC), will be created on several parcels of undeveloped land in Bourne north of the Cape Cod Canal totaling about 172 acres. The location is about one hour from the transportation hubs and rich scientific and academic communities in both Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island. Its location north of the Canal eliminates the need to cross either of the Canal’s bridges. The site is bordered by MA Route 25 and Route 6 runs just south of the property.

A proposed site plan for the BDC prepared by Tighe&Bond.

A proposed site plan for the BDC prepared by Tighe&Bond.

The Bourne Financial Development Corporation, a non-profit organization, is the majority partner in the LLC ; the other partner is a private land owner.

Current plans suggest that the technology campus will have a first phase building capacity of about 250,000 sq. ft. developed over a ten-to-twelve year period.

Targeted companies are emerging and small businesses – ”business-launch to business scale”– working in the fields of alternative energy technologies, other green technologies, and the marine sciences. The park’s infrastructure and buildings will be designed to meet LEED certification and ISO 14000 standards using Low Impact Design concepts. The buildings will be purpose-built to support research-and-development and light manufacturing in one, two and three-story structures. They will be designed with high ceilings, heavy load-bearing floors, and spaces that can be expanded as emerging companies become more mature.

The BDC working group, representing the partners in the Bourne Development Campus LLC, has:

• Completed an existing conditions report and conceptual design plan prepared by Stantec Planning and Landscape Architecture
• Completed a conceptual wastewater plan prepared by Tighe & Bond
• Completed a market study and fiscal impact analysis prepared by Ninigret Partners
• Received rulings from:

  1. Mass Historical – no historic or archaeological sites recorded; requests a reconnaissance archaeological survey
  2. Federal Fish & Wildlife – no federally-listed or proposed, threatened or endangered species or critical habitat

• Met with the MA National Heritage and Endangered Species staff to identify environmental issues. They have identified box turtles on the site and a protection plan is in development. Part of that protection plan is the decision to develop only about 50 acres of the 172 leased by the BDC.

The development plan calls for creating a development agreement among the Bourne Development Campus, the Town of Bourne, and the Cape Cod Commission to essentially “pre-permit” the site. The development agreement will streamline the permitting process for companies coming into or expanding facilities in the park.

The Bourne Development Campus planners commissioned a market study and fiscal impact analysis from Ninigret Partners. Their data, along with data from the Stantec study, project the following benefits:
• Up to 700 jobs in phase one with a $30-35 million payroll.

• A positive impact to the regional economy eventually approaching $210 million
• A diversification of the area’s employment base with year-round jobs projected to have salaries about 1.5 times higher than the region’s current estimated per capita income
• Net new real estate taxes for the Town of Bourne projected to be at least $300,000, plus other tax revenues and fees, such as business licenses.
In addition, the campus has the potential to reverse the trend of commuting long distances for higher-paying jobs. This would save more than 500,000 person-hours of commuting time and 1.7 million gallons of gasoline, as well as reduce auto-related emissions.

The BFDC is working with a private partner to develop a green technology campus on this site.

The BFDC is working with a private partner to develop a green technology campus on this site.

Development of the technology campus is currently on hold while access issues are resolved. As soon as access is gained, the BDC working group will begin a public search to identify a developer to collaborate with the Bourne Development Campus LLC partners to complete the first phases of the project.