At its meeting on March 31, the Bourne Board of Sewer Commissioners endorsed in concept a plan for expanding wastewater treatment capacity in Bourne’s Downtown using a two-phase approach:

  • Install a packaged plant with 100,000 gallons per day (gpd) capacity, linked to the previously identified area for subsurface disposal of treated wastewater. With permitting, engineering, manufacturing and installation, the facility could be available in two years. The plan would include dividing the existing sewer system so that flow from the western end of Main Street would continue to go to Wareham, freeing up capacity for redevelopment in that part of town, while flow from the eastern end, including from a significant development project at 23 Perry Avenue, would go to the packaged plant, leading to immediate efficiency of the new facility.
  • Work with neighboring towns to create a regional agreement for treating wastewater and disposing¬† the treated effluent in the Cape Cod Canal. This plan has become possible only recently with the change in the state’s Ocean Sanctuaries Act to allow ocean outfall of treated wastewater. This phase could take up to ten years to implement. With a Canal outfall, Wareham’s plant could be expanded to treat five million gpd or more. Two million would more than meet Bourne’s needs in the long-term.

Wastewater Plan for Bourne’s Downtown March 2015